The Daisy Charter: A Gifted Teens Perspective

Hi everybody! I hope you enjoy your visit. 🙂 This blog is kind of different. It’s not about fashion, food, a lifestyle. Photography, fitness, or diy’s. Yeah, those are all cool, and I’m sure there’ll be some of everything here in time. But this is about being gifted. No, I’m not being extraordinarily self-confident or egotistical. There is actually something called “gifted” children. Yes, gifted children are generally considered “more” intelligent. No, not all are; most are average. Yes, there are some “gifted” in a certain area, as we all are, and some perform extremely well. No, they are not perfect or better than other children.

In fact, you really shouldn’t think gifted children are any better than others. In fact, they are worse in some ways. I should know. I’ve gone to schools with specifically designed courses and ways of teaching just for gifted children. Generally called Centers for Gifted Studies, there aren’t many after middle school. Maybe we’re supposed to “get over it” by then. I don’t know. And many parents and families don’t know what exactly to do or to look for when they realize they have a gifted child.

Let’s be honest here. Having experienced it personally, most people have no idea what they’re getting into when their children are suddenly considered qualified to be gifted. A lot of times, that’s because they don’t know what it’s like for the child or the teachers or what’s in store for them. Let me give you an example. Has anybody heard that a woman’s mind is like having an Internet browser with 2700 tabs open? Or more? And they’re all running at the same time? Yeah, ok. A gifted childs mind has about four women, a box, some putty, a pillow, and a petting zoo in it. And they’re trying to interact with them all at once. More on that later.

So basically, it’s a bunch of tangled electrical wires sending signals off randomly, some by accident and they’re going who knows where because the kid sure as heck doesn’t know. So be prepared for mood swings, boundless energy, and random bursts of information ranging from why that balloon is pink with blue polka-dots to the squirrel cloud. Be ready for lots of confusion, endless fun and meltdowns. Brace yourselves for unexplainable habits and random projects and phases that never end. I promise, it’s a great ride. And I’d love to share it with you, provide some insight as to how the gifted mind works, and just be here. Because gifted kids are also very empathetic of course.


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