Social Awkwardness and the Gifted Child


A lot of gifted children can be considered “socially awkward”. But that’s ok, that’s what makes us all so interesting!
Gifted children have a tendency to be deep. We love talking about what a lot of people consider “adult conversations”. We can talk about art, science, politics, and all at one time. Depending on our individual interests, we can have unlimited knowledge about such subjects. But that’s not always in our favor.
When we are around other kids, we can feel awkward. Children of different age groups have different interests. But why is it considered “odd” or sometimes “abnormal” when one child of a specific age group is interested in something else? For example, as teenagers, many kids are interested in drama, so to speak, who’s in what clique, fashion, celebs, etc. But to a gifted child, it can seem “insignificant”. It isn’t to those teens, but for us, we’d rather talk about other things. And that’s fine.
We just need help and urging to find peers who enjoy the same things, even if they aren’t the same age group. You can’t hide from your passions, but rather, embrace them. Show your child how to express themselves in a way that makes their opinions appealing.
Sometimes, the gifted child can be overwhelming. And to others, they can seem rude or insensitive or awkward. They don’t mean to be. But we can be awkward. And that, again, is ok. The struggle is finding a way to express ourselves.
Sometimes we need people to embrace our passions and weirdness. Because you can’t have one without the other. Dali could be considered mad. But that is what made him a genius! So help your gifted child embrace their differences, to show them off, and be proud!